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How to get from Milan to Pisa

The distance between Pisa (Pisa) and Milan (Milano) is 288 kilometers. You can get from Milan to Pisa by car in 4 hours. By public transport, bus or train, the journey will take from 3.5 to 5 hours. Let us consider in more detail the advantages of each method.

By train

The fastest and most comfortable way to get from Milan to Pisa is to use the high-speed train to Florence (travel time: 1 hour 50 minutes), and from there take the train and be in Pisa in an hour.

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If you do not want to make a change, several times a day a direct train from Trenitalia runs from Pisa to Milan Central Station (Milano Centrale).

Tickets cost from 33 to 37 euros, travel time about 4 hours.

I advise you to compare prices and book train tickets in Italy only through the website, so Trenitalia is constantly buggy and creates problems for travelers.

By car

By car from Milan to Pisa, you can continue with three different routes:

  1. Via Genoa, on the A7, La Spezia, Viareggio
  2. Drive to Parma via the E35 expressway and then turn onto La Spezia
  3. Via Parma, Bologna, Florence

I recommend the first option if you do not want to call in Parma and Bologna. The road is calmer. The cost of toll routes in all cases will be about 28 euros.

By bus

From Milan to Pisa in just over 5 hours and 15-20 euros you can get a direct Flixbus bus.

The bus runs three times a day, departs from the Lampugnano bus station, which can be reached by metro. In Pisa, the bus arrives at the Pietrasantina parking lot, from where the city center can be reached in 20 minutes by tram (red line, LAM rossa) or bus number 80.

If you need advice, I will just answer your questions in the comments.

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