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Laura Antonelli - Italian actress of erotic cinema

Laura Antonelli (Laura Antonelli) - actress of erotic films from Italy. Twice was awarded the national prize "David di Donatello" (Ente David di Donatello). She died at the age of 73 in Italy, a medical mistake is considered the cause of death.


The real name of Laura Antonelli is Laura Antonaz. Born on November 28, 1941 on the peninsula of the Adriatic Sea - Istria, in the city of Pola, which at that time belonged to Italy. Today it is the Croatian city of Pula.

Family, education

Laura's father and mother were teachers, and her daughter also planned to become a teacher. The Antonats family lived either in Venice (Venezia), then in Genoa (Genova), then in Naples (Napoli).

After graduating from school, she enrolled at the Institute of Physical Education in Naples (Istitutosuperiore di educazione fisica, ISEF), after which she received a diploma in physical education. However, in her specialty, Laura worked only in one of the artistic lyceums (liceo artistico) of Rome (Roma). Soon she discovered a new world, this happened after the girl became an advertising model in the popular television show “Carousel” (“Carosello”).

Creative career

Laura's first work in the film business is the role in the film directed by Luigi Petrini (Luigi Petrini) "Sixteen" ("Le sedicenni") in 1965.

The first role of the erotic plan was the character of Wanda in the film "Venus in Furs" ("Venere in pelliccia") by Italian director Massimo Dallamano in 1969. The picture is based on the novel by the Austrian writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (Leopold Ritter von Sacher-Masoch).
Since the 1970s through the 1980s, Laura worked simultaneously in several films of erotic content. Among them:

  • Comedy "Cunning" ("Malizia") Italian Salvatore Samperi (Salvatore Samperi), in 1973. Antonelli in the role of housekeeper Angela Barber, ready and the widower to console his sons. In the same year, the film was awarded the Italian film prize "David di Donatello" ("David di Donatello") and the film prize "Grollo d'Oro". In 1974, another winner found the winner - “Silver Ribbon” (“Nastro d'argento”).
  • Comedy film “God, how low it fell!” (“Mio Dio, Come Sono Caduta In Basso!”), Italian director Luigi Comencini in 1974. Laura, in the image of a noblewoman Eugenia, is cheating on her husband, as it turned out - her brother, with a young driver. In 1980, the tape was awarded the American Golden Globe Award in the Best Foreign Film nomination.
  • Comedy “Sin worthy of forgiveness” ("Peccato veniale") in 1974, directed by Salvatore Sampery.
  • Drama "Simon" ("Simona") in 1974 by Belgian director Patrick Longchamps.
  • Comedy from nine episodes of "Crazy Sex" ("Sessomatto") in 1973 was filmed by the Italian filmmaker Dino Risi, who gave Antonelli as many as eight roles.
  • Comedy almanac "Tigers in lipstick" ("Letti Selvaggi") by Italian director Luigi Zampa was released in 1979. Laura in the picture played the role of a business woman.

The fantastic beauty of the nude Laura Antonelli and true acting talent elevated the girl to the rank of the most popular actresses in Italian erotic films.

In France, Antonelli had shots in films:

  • Comedy "Remarriage" (Les Maries de l'an II) in 1971, director from France, Jean-Paul Rappeneau. The film also stars the legendary Jean-Paul Belmondo. In the same year, the picture received the “Golden Palm Branch” (“Palme d'Or”) at the Cannes Film Festival (“Festival international du film de Cannes”).
  • Thriller “For no apparent reason” (“Sans mobile apparent”) in 1971, French director Philippe Labro. The picture was shot on the police detective Ed McBain (Ed McBain) "Ten plus one" ("Ten Plus One") about law enforcement officers.
  • The comedy "Doctor Popol" ("Docteur Popaul") in 1972, the French director Claude Chabrol (Claude Chabrol), which also starred Belmondo.

End of career

In 1991, Laura Antonelli lived in her mansion in the town of Cerveteri, in the province of Lazio. On April 27, carabinieri visited her house and found 36 grams of cocaine there. She was charged with drug trafficking, taken into custody, and after that she was put in house arrest. At first, the court sentenced her to three and a half years in prison. And only nine years later, the court of appeal passed a verdict of not guilty, since other laws related to the problems of the circulation of drugs were already in force in the country.

In the same year, on the set of the film "Cunning 2000" ("Malizia 2000") another terrible incident occurred. The producers wanted to refresh Laura’s appearance and they convinced her to inject collagen, which disfigured the actress’s appearance. Antonelli sued the clinic, but could not immediately win the process. The Tribunal of Rome refused the petitioner to satisfy the claim. Litigation again resumed only after thirteen years.

The severe shock caused by the loss of beauty, not the best way affected the mental state of Laura. She ended up in a psychiatric hospital.

In 2003, the newly-started lawsuit against the hospital was satisfied in the amount of 10,000 euros, although the lawsuit claimed an amount of 900,000. In 2006, the court reviewed the decision and awarded the victim an amount of 108,000 euros.

Top movies

In 1976, Antonelli starred in the drama "Innocent" ("L'Innocente") directed by Luchino Visconti (Luchino Visconti), in the image of Juliana - the wife of the unfaithful aristocrat Tullio, played by Giancarlo Giannini (Giancarlo Giannini). Actors have already starred together in "Crazy Sex", so the star tandem of the main characters for the picture was the best fit. In 1976, the painting was awarded the David di Donatello Prize for best music.

In 1977, Italian director Marco Vicario (Marco Vicario) proposed the actress the role of Antonia in the comedy melodrama "Wife-lover" ("Mogliamante"). The storyline of the film tells about the transformation of a young, inexperienced wife into a sophisticated lover. And all this happens while the young husband is in a forced confinement and can only watch the spouses' adventures.

In 1981, the movie “Love Passion” was released. ("Passione d'amore") by Italian director Ettore Scola, an adaptation of the novel by Italian writer Iginio Ugo Tarchetti (Iginio Ugo Tarchetti). Laura Antonelli plays the role of Clara, a married lady, to whom Giorgio, captain of the cavalry, burns with passion. The painting was awarded two prizes "David di Donatello" and three "Silver Ribbons".

Personal life - an affair with Belmondo

The first meeting of Antonelli and Jean Paul Belmondo took place in 1971 on the set of the film “Remarriage”. No one expected their relationship to develop so rapidly.

The actress lost her head in love and immediately demanded a divorce from her legal spouse Enrico Piacentini (Enrico Piacentini). Immediately she acquired the property of luxury apartments in the center of Rome, so that was where to live with Belmondo. But it didn’t come to marriage. Laura tormented Jean-Paul with jealousy, arranged scenes. In the end, he could not stand it and left. The young woman barely managed to survive this tragedy.


From the moment drugs were discovered in her house, Antonelli stopped communicating with her colleagues, did not give interviews, and was not present at public events. She spent her days alone in the town of Ladispoli, there was no trace of her former luxurious life.

Her monthly income consisted of a small pension of 510 euros. Spaghetti, canned vegetables, and former porn actress oil stood out in the church or brought in by benefactors. Laura spent all days in prayer, she listened to Catholic radio and excluded TV from her life. She felt the approach of death and wanted to live the rest of her life with dignity.

The actress died on June 22, 2015 in the same house where she lived. She was found unconscious by a housekeeper who called an ambulance. But doctors could not save the actress, they only stated death.

Interesting Facts

  1. When Antonelli was asked where her wealth, houses and expensive jewelry are now, she replied that this was a long story - people simply took advantage of her kindness;
  2. For all life, the actress starred in forty-seven films;
  3. The film "Cunning" made Antonelli a real star, collecting more than 6 million lire at the Italian box office.

Watch the video: Simona 1974 RUS (February 2020).


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