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In Naples, Christmas is always very much connected with traditions, and in particular with the tradition of the Christmas den. San Gregorio Armeno Street (Via San Gregorio Armeno) is world famous for its craft shops that recreate scenes of the birth of Christ and make a huge number of characters so that everyone can create their own Christmas nativity scene.

In this place, my eyes run up from the abundance of doll houses and figurines. From the simplest to the mechanical, from the traditional style to reflecting the modern vision of the image, from linen or clay to made of unusual materials.

And taking into account the typical Neapolitan irony, it will not do without cartoon characters, more or less famous. Moreover, all these are real works of art created by masters, whose families have been engaged in their craft for many generations. Each doll is distinguished by the style of execution, materials and texture - depending on the inspiration and imagination of the master artist.

However, not only the city of Vesuvius is striking in its scale of execution of the nativity tradition. Moreover, world's largest live nativity scene takes place in the italian town Jenga (Genga (AN)) Since 1981, an entire show with 300 participants has been unfolding in this small village of the Marche province for Christmas. The action takes place on an unusual stage with an area of ​​30 thousand square meters - in the Frasassi Gorge (Gola di frasassi), famous for its caves.

The participants of the production, enthusiastic locals in old costumes, revive traditions and scenes from the everyday life of the past, thereby transferring from Jenga to the edge of the Birth of Christ during the procession. The path leads all the way up - to the natural cave of the Sanctuary of Frasassi (Santuario di Frasassi).

There directly unfolds the scene of the Birth, depicted in the famous painting by Gentile da Fabriano (stored in the Uffizi Gallery), among the Magi and the Holy Family. This year the production will take place on December 26 and 29.

Christmas in the village

AT Rango (Rango), an old time-lost village of the province of Trento, with only 150 inhabitants, Christmas is really a special event. And there are no special shops and shops with Christmas decorations. Therefore herselfthe village - one of the most beautiful in Italy - turns into one big Christmas market.

Since November 30, in his wonderfully preserved old houses, standing very close to each other, and on alleys that go uphill, and in ancient wood sheds, and in tiny squares, Christmas lights will light up and the melody of the holiday will sound. Here, as elsewhere, it will be possible to purchase or simply admire the products of local artisans, Christmas tree decorations and figurines for the Christmas den. And try local food: cheeses and honey, sausages and nuts, potatoes and wine. And everywhere you will be accompanied by a game of bagpipes and accordion.

On December 15, Saint Lucia (Santa lucia) with his stern grandfather and will bring gifts and sweets for the smallest. And on December 22, there will be a magical performance "Christmas for Children" with elves, musicians and jugglers.

You will feel the atmosphere of the real Middle Ages in the village Candelo (Candelo (BI)) Its historical center represents 13th century medieval fortress, one of the best preserved in Europe. Among its ancient walls facing the foothills of the Alps, local rulers for centuries have accumulated wealth and provided shelter to the common people in case of need. And during the Christmas holidays, from December 1 to 29, it seems that time has turned back.

Among the stone houses and cobbled streets, old and straight, creating an indescribable background, a traditional and charming Christmas market unfolds: in the shops, peasants flaunt their products, from Christmas decorations and fine wool to local dishes, actors and musicians entertain the audience, unfold productions depicting the scene of the Birth of Christ.

Watch the video: ITALIAN CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS feat. Babbo Natale and la Befana (February 2020).


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