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Verona airport and how to get to the city

Verona - one of the most visited cities in Italy, not without reason it is called "Rome in miniature." Part of the tourists arrives in this city as part of group or independent tours by car or by rail, and part through Verona Airport, open all year round. That is why BlogoItaliano decided to ask a question: how is it faster and more profitable to get to the city center from the airport?

The content of the article
1. Verona Airport - history and current status
2. Flights and cheap flights to Verona airport
3. Buses from Verona Airport to the city
4. Taxi from Verona Airport
5. Car rental at Verona Airport
6. Useful links and articles

Verona Airport - history and current status

Verona Airport (international code - VRN) is 10 km from the city center. Like most other airports in Italy, it was founded as a military airfield during World War II.

After the war, already in the 60s. of the last century, despite the active development of tourism in the region, Verona Airport, due to its extremely low capacity, only accepted and sent rare charter flights to Northern Europe and daily scheduled flights to Rome.

Airport. Verona

Everything changed by 1978, when Aeroporto Valerio Catullo di Verona Villafranca Spa was established under the auspices of the province of Villafranca Verona and the City Chamber of Commerce. Entrepreneurs from neighboring cities and provinces - Brescia, Bolzano, Trento, Vicenzo, Revigo, Mantua, took an active part in the creation of the corporation.

The project was successful. For the convenience of passengers and the smooth operation, a modern terminal was built. At the same time, Verona Airport received the name of its famous native and one of the most famous poets of antiquity, Guy Valery Catullus, and businessmen - the opportunity to develop one of the most competitive zones in Europe.

The airport received civilian status only in 2008. At the end of the last decade, a large-scale reconstruction of its territory was carried out, the area of ​​which increased from 90,000 to 147,000 m2.

The runway at the Verona Airport - 3067 m became almost 400 m longer. In 2011, the area of ​​the departure terminal was expanded to 1790 m2.

Verona Airport is currently controlled by ENAV Corporation, the management company of 39 Italian airports. More than 3 million passengers from Europe, the CIS, Asia and even Africa (Tunisia, Tanzania, Kenya) pass through its terminal every year.

Flights and Cheap Flights to Verona Airport

With the development of the Internet, find cheap flights to Verona It has become quite simple. To do this, you can use one of the many meta-search engines containing a database of flights and airline prices, and comparing them simultaneously in many booking systems. Below is a calendar of low prices for flights to Verona from one of these services.

Buses from Verona Airport to the city

Of Verona Airport to the city white and blue ATV company buses run to Port Nuova train station.

The first bus from Verona Airport leaves at 5:35, the last at 23:10. Interval of movement - 20 minutes. Two days a year - December 25 and January 1 - the interval of movement increases to 40 minutes.

ATV company air buses run from the airport to the railway station

The fare for 2019 is € 6. A bus ticket is valid for 75 minutes after purchase and, if the time is not up, it can also be used on other city routes before the expiration date.

You can buy bus tickets in special vending machines in the arrival area of ​​the airport or directly at the driver.

Taxi from Verona Airport

If time does not endure or baggage is too large, then the answer to the question how to get from Verona airport to the city obvious - a taxi. Parking is located at the exit of the terminal. You can call a taxi from Verona Airport by phone, but this will increase the bill by a few euros.

In addition, if you do not speak Italian well enough, it will almost certainly be difficult to communicate with the dispatcher, and then with the taxi driver. There are frequent cases when street taxi drivers, sensing a tourist, strive to raise the bill: for the past few years, Italian authorities have been waging a real war against this phenomenon.

By the way, the taxi driver’s waiting time for a flight delay and traffic jams, which are not uncommon in any season, are also paid.

Taxi from Verona Airport

To avoid unnecessary expenses, especially when the flight is delayed, it is easier and more profitable to order a taxi online. After ordering how to get from Verona Airport to the city center or to another city (Bergamo, Milan, Venice, etc.), the representatives of the carrier company will “hurt” already.

They will have to correlate the arrival time of the delayed flight and the time of taxi delivery to the terminal, since a simple car is not charged for the flight or passenger in the terminal, according to the terms of service.

Some taxi fares in Verona (2018)

In addition, when ordering a car online, it is possible to specify special requirements: for example, call a car with a roomy trunk or even a minibus. Difficulties should not be, because the site is Russified. The support service also works in Russian.

Finding “your” driver on the spot will not be difficult: he will be waiting for you with a sign in his hands right at the exit from the baggage claim area. It’s impossible to get lost, because the airport in Verona is small.

Since tariffs tend to change over time, we recommend that you check the current prices link on the eve of the trip.

Car rental at Verona Airport

As elsewhere in Europe, Verona Airport has several car rental companies and, if desired, you can arrange a car without leaving the terminal. Another question, what is the solution, as a rule, is an implicit way to increase the cost of services.

Often, companies intentionally do not indicate in the brochures such important nuances for the traveler as the restriction on daily mileage or the standard coverage of the insurance package. As a result, the client learns about the "pitfalls" already in the process of registration of the machine.

There are several car rental companies at the airport

Another important point is the planning horizon: when ordering a car in advance, you can save a lot of money. At the peak of the season, when the airport operates with increased load, the prices on the spot are much higher, and the assortment is often not so wide already.

Western tourists who are more accustomed to early bookings book a car several months before the trip, so travelers who plan to resolve all issues on-site can only be satisfied with what is left.

The easiest way to compare car rental conditions at Verona Airport is to use the popular European Rentalcars service.

Rentalcars online compares the conditions of car rental companies in more than 6,000 locations around the world, offering a convenient and unified table of rental conditions at the exit. You should enter only the dates of the trip and the place of receipt of the car, further - the result of several seconds.

By the way, the "big brother" of the system is the popular hotel search portal -, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the service.

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Watch the video: VERONA - Italy Travel Guide. Around The World (February 2020).


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