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Florence: the most romantic hotels in the center. TOP-5 BlogoItaliano

The magnificent capital of Tuscany is perfect for a romantic trip - whether it is a honeymoon, a celebration of a memorable date or just a weekend that you want to spend with your soulmate. And so that the trip does not bring disappointment, we have made for you a selection of the most romantic hotels in the center of Florence. So, the five best hotels in Florence according to BlogoItaliano

5.Firenze Number Nine. Guest rating 9.3 / 10

Charming 4 Star Hotel Firenze number nine located in the center of the historical part of Florence, within walking distance from Piazza Signoria, the Medici Chapel and the Bargello National Museum, Santa Maria Novelle Station is five hundred meters from the hotel.

Numbers of this boutique hotel in florence decorated in the best Italian traditions - large bright windows, wooden floors, magnificent stucco ceilings, as well as modern bathrooms, televisions, air conditioning. Designers did their best: the interiors look so elegant, concise and at the same time organically that they can cause admiration even for an inveterate pragmatist.

Painted Palazzo Tolomei ceilings immerse their guests in the Renaissance

Hotel Firenze Number Nine has a gym and spa where you can enjoy a Turkish bath or sauna, get a massage, or use other treatments. In general, the perfect designer nest with all the benefits of civilization.

You can find more information about the Firenze Number Nine hotel here, where you can see photos, read guest reviews and book a room.

4.Antica Torre. Guest rating 9.4 / 10

Wonderful Hotel Antica Torrelocated in the historical center of Florence, it is in close proximity to the Church of the Holy Trinity, the square of the same name, as well as the Santa Trinita Bridge, which connects the banks of the Arno River. You can comfortably admire these sights from the luxurious roof terrace of the hotel (the most distinctive feature) or go to them on foot - the walk will take only a few minutes.

Magnificent designer rooms are distinguished by their layout - there are ordinary double rooms, a room with a library, as well as romantic studio rooms especially for lovers. The hotel overlooks a bridge, patio or via Ternabioni.

Florence's sights can be admired from Antica Torre's terrace

Guests of this charming Hotel in Florence Great breakfasts awaiting you include Tuscan, Mediterranean or English cuisine. If you wish, you can arrange a romantic dinner on the terrace with one of the best views of the historic center of Florence and admire with your soul mate how the evening lights are lit above the cradle of the Renaissance.

Find out more about the hotel, see photos, and book a room here.

3.1865 Residenza D'Epoca. Guest rating 9.7 / 10

The incredibly high rating of the hotel guests speaks for itself, however, we will add a few words. The award-winning 1865 Residenza D'Epoca enjoys a quiet location close to famous city attractions - Piazza Duomo, Church of San Croce, Michelangelo's House, Academy of Fine Arts.

The cozy and elegant hotel is located in a historic building dating back to 1865 - luxurious antique furniture and elegant frescoes on the ceiling create a unique romantic atmosphere of the 19th century. Each room (and there are only 5 in the hotel) has its own name - by the name of the writer who ever lived or worked in Florence.

Antique furniture and murals create a romantic atmosphere of the 19th century

The hotel has a small cozy library where you can spend time, as well as a lounge area - there you will be offered coffee, tea or mineral water at any time of the day.

However, the real feature of the hotel are its owners - a married couple Michel and Cynthia. To convey with the words of an outside observer about the atmosphere they created in their small business is impossible. Better go to the page of this unusual hotel in Florence and be sure to read the reviewsthey cost much more than photos and descriptions.

2.Palazzo Tolomei. Guest rating 9.5 / 10

Probably, in the world there is no other hotel that could so subtly and unobtrusively "immerse" a guest in the Renaissance, like Palazzo Tolomei. I admit that in the evening illumination the rooms of this hotel are quite possible to be confused with the Uffizi Gallery. And although this is, of course, a joke, nevertheless, in every joke there is a fraction of a joke. In any case, the interiors of the hotel should be commended.

Palazzo Tolomei is located near the main cathedral, as well as Santa Maria Novelle Train Station. From here it is convenient to go on excursions in the historic city center, which can be purchased both independently and from the hotel staff.

Renaissance frescoes preserved in Palazzo Tolomei building

Hotel building Palazzo tolomei It was built in the 16th century, on the facades and inside the building, ancient frescoes, as well as other works of art from the Renaissance, are preserved. Upon arrival, all hotel guests are presented with a welcome basket with fresh fruits and wine, and during the day, free coffee and fresh pastries are offered during the day.

But this is all a saying, and how much you don’t tell about Palazzo Tolomei, anyway, it will not convey even a fraction of the impression that its interiors produce. Therefore, it is better to put an end to this place and let you see for yourself everything here.

1.J.K. Place. Guest rating 9.5 / 10

Among the variety of the best hotels in Florence, it was not so easy to select the best hotel, however, having looked at a lot of offers and following the principle "The best is the enemy of the good," BlogoItaliano opted for J.K. Place.

Small cozy hotel J.K. Place is located in the heart of Florence, in Piazza Santa Maria Novelle, just a few steps from the famous Renaissance church. Very close to this hotel in florence There is a crossroads of the famous shopping streets of Via Roma, Via Tornabuoni and Via Della Viña Nuova.

The hotel has only twenty rooms decorated in traditional Italian style, some of which have a cozy living room, a separate wardrobe and a balcony. The rooms have everything for a comfortable stay - TV, DVD-player, free internet, beautifully equipped bathrooms.

Hotel J.K. Place is located on Piazza Santa Maria Novelle

On the top floor of J.K. Place is a magnificent open-air terrace with a huge table and comfortable benches where you can spend a wonderful romantic evening while admiring the stunning views of the city. The hotel has a cozy patio covered with a glass dome that allows you to drink coffee or have breakfast even in bad weather. At J.K. Place also has an excellent Italian restaurant, as well as an excellent lounge area where you can spend a relaxing evening by the fireplace with a cocktail or a glass of wine.

You can get more information about the hotel, see photos and guest reviews, and book a room here.

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Photos by: tornabuoni1,, palazzotolomei, jkplace.

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