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One-day tours from Venice: where to go for 1 day

Many tourists consider Venice as a place for a trip for 1 day. They arrive early in the morning by train or cruise ship, hire a Russian-speaking guide around the city and leave the same day, leaving for a new point on their route. Of course, this is not a metropolis and it is technically quite possible to see all the main attractions of Venice in a short visit. But in order to feel the atmosphere of the city, nevertheless, it makes sense to book an overnight stay here. Better yet, spend 3-4 days in Venice. Moreover, in the vicinity of the city there is also something to see.

Choosing Venice as the main base and making short trips out of it to explore the surroundings is far from always the best idea. As a tourist mecca, Venice is considered one of the most expensive cities in Europe.

To save money, you can settle in one of the satellites of Venice (best of all in Mestre), and from there to plan trips to the city itself on the water, and its picturesque surroundings.

It’s possible to reach the city as efficiently as possible within the framework of a short visit using our author’s itinerary in Venice, and the ideas about where else can you go from Venice for 1 day, You will find in this article.

Lagoon islands

The easiest option for a day trip in Venice is to visit the islands of the Venice Lagoon. The most worth visiting are Murano with its demonstrations on the production of the famous glass, Burano, where you can admire the exotic painted houses, and Torcello, to enjoy peace and quiet. And, of course, in the summertime you should not forget about the beaches on the island of Lido.

In more detail about the most interesting islands of the Venetian Lagoon and how to get to them from the city BlogoItaliano wrote in a separate article here.


The city of Romeo and Juliet is located just an hour and a half from Venice by train. In addition to being involved in Shakespearean history, Verona is also known in Italy for its Arena, where the equally famous Opera Festival is held annually.

If you decide to go from Venice to Verona for 1 day, we recommend our article What to see in Verona if time is running out, as well as a detailed description of how to get from one city to another.

Asolo and Castelfranco Veneto

Asolo is known for its magnificent location and it is not in vain that it is mentioned in Bourjuinet as the “Pearl of the Treviso Province” and “City of Hundreds of Horizons”. Castelfranco Veneto, in turn, is interesting for its fortification. In order to get to Asolo, you have to get a car, but you can also get to Castelfranco Veneto by rail.

You can see a lot of interesting things in Treviso


Located just half an hour by train from Venice, Treviso is known for its own network of canals, as well as numerous churches, which will be very interesting to lovers of antiquities. In addition, there are very few tourists in Treviso, which allows you to take a breath after Venice, crowded with crowds. In detail about what is interesting Treviso and what to see in the city in the first place, we wrote in this article.


If you were admired by mosaics in St. Mark's Cathedral in Venice, then you will certainly like mosaics in Ravenna. This relatively small city is rich in architectural monuments from the UNESCO World Heritage List, and in antiquity it even managed to visit the capital of the Western Roman Empire. The main sights of Ravenna are easy to get around in 3-4 hours, which makes it a very attractive destination for a day trip.

Ravenna is rich in monuments of early Christian and Byzantine architecture.

Lake Garda

From Venice it is very easy to get to the train by train to the numerous towns nestled on the picturesque shores of Lake Garda, and, in fact, it doesn’t even matter which one you choose. Lake Garda is considered the largest and most visited in Italy, which means something. More details about Lake Garda BlogoItaliano already wrote here.


Another city located half an hour from Venice by train. The University of Padova is one of the most prestigious in Italy, and the abundance of youth contributes to the creation of a special aura in the city. In addition, Padua is also known for its numerous architectural monuments and one of the largest squares in Europe - Prato della Valle.


Vicenza is sometimes featured in the news because of the American military base located nearby, but in the city itself nothing reminds of this. Vicenza is just an hour from Venice by train and a pleasant place to take a walk.

Olympic Theater in Vicenza (1580)

Of the famous natives of the city, it is worth mentioning Andrea Palladio - the famous architect of the late Renaissance, whose creations are found everywhere in Vicenza. Some experts consider Palladio the most influential architect in history.


Although a visit to Trieste is a very long trip for a one-day tour (it is located a two-hour trip from Venice by train in one direction), however, the city is worth it. It is located at the crossroads of three cultures, while absorbing the heritage of Italy, Imperial Austria and Slovenia. Perhaps that is why Trieste has a peculiar charm.

Palladio Villas Tour

Since we mentioned the name of the architect (see above), you can’t keep silent about the popular tour of Villas Palladio. The latter are scattered throughout the Veneto region and there are several tourist programs, including a visit to the most interesting of them. By the way, in 1994, Palladio Villas in the Veneto region were included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Villa Barbaro in Maser (1560)

Wine tour of Veneto and Friuli

Although Chianti and Barolo are perhaps the most famous products of Italian winemakers, Veneto and the nearby Friuli are also famous as the land of numerous winemakers. Local travel agencies and guides offer organized wine tours with tastings, which are very popular with connoisseurs of Italian alcohol. A detailed description of several of these tours with the option to sign up for a tour on BlogoItaliano can be found here.

Cortina d'Ampezzo

The Dolomites are not so far from Venice, and you can get to them as part of an organized excursion, or by taking your own train to Cortina d'Ampezzo. This town is considered one of the best and most charming winter resorts in the region. In favor of the statement is the fact that Cortina d'Ampezzo became the venue for the 1956 Winter Olympics, as well as numerous world championships in winter sports.

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Watch the video: Venice in a Day: Hidden Gems & Top Attractions (February 2020).


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