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What to see in Genoa: 8 of the most interesting places. Part I

What to see in Genoa, spread out on the shore of a picturesque bay? The capital of Liguria never ceases to amaze with sharp contrasts, wonderful landscapes and incredible serpentine streets. Modern architecture coexists next to medieval architecture, and the perfect combination of civilization and pristine nature delights everyone without exception.

Since the 10th century, the once small Greek colony turned into one of the largest Mediterranean ports, and during the Crusades it exceeded many modern European states in influence and wealth.

The unique atmosphere of Genoa can be felt only by wandering along the medieval narrow streets of the old city, modern avenues and squares. This can be done both independently and accompanied by a local guide. BlogoItaliano, as part of his trip to the most interesting cities in Italy, tried to pick up those 8 places in Genoa that are definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in this amazing city.

The cape, on which the lantern of La Lantern is erected, was once a peninsula

No. 8 Genoese lighthouse of La Lanterna

La Lanterna Lighthouse is a symbol of the city, and its history is worth a couple of lines. The tower, 117 meters high, was built on the hill of San Benigno around 1100. During the war between the Guelphs and the Ghibellines, it was severely damaged and was rebuilt in 1300. Around the same time, the first lantern was installed on it, in which olive oil was used as a light source. Until today, la Lanterna is the main beacon of the Genoese port and an important component of the port’s night navigation.

Cape on which is erected Genoa lanterna lighthouse was once a peninsula, but the retreating sea later left it on land. Inside the tower is a museum, the exposition of which tells about the history of the city and its symbol. It is worth noting that the museum is open every day and is only closed for Christmas and New Year.

No. 7 Porta Soprana Gate

The gates of the old town of Porta Soprana symbolize the glorious past of Genoa. This was the main entrance to Medieval Genoa, the road from which connected it with the "Eternal City". To date gates of Porta Soprana remained the only evidence of the once existing defensive walls of Genoa, built in the XII century.

In the 19th century, the towers of Port Sopran served as a prison, and in 1890, the thoroughly decrepit gates were skillfully restored. At the beginning of the twentieth century, urban development was so densely surrounded Porta Sopranthat it took a lot of effort to clear the space around them. Today, Genoese and tourists often gather at the gates of Porta Soprana to listen to the solemn music of a brass band glorifying the heroic past of Genoa.

Columbus House is one of the attractions of Genoa

No. 6 House of Columbus (Casa di Colombo)

When viewing the sights of Genoa, you can not miss the attention of the House of Columbus (Casa di Colombo), in which, according to legend, the future discoverer of America was born in 1451. The fact of the birth of a great traveler in the Genoese Republic is still questioned, but inconspicuous, entwined with ivy Columbus House, as if hiding in the shadow of the gates of Port Sopran, every year they seek to see thousands of crowds of tourists visiting Genoa.

The house of Columbus has now turned into a museum complex in Genoa and is carefully guarded by the city authorities. According to some reports, Columbus lived here until the year 1470.

No. 5 Doge's Palace of Genoa

Another one attraction of Genoa, without which the townspeople can’t imagine their city - Doge's Palace. This is one of the most elegant buildings in the city, the unique finish of which will be remembered for a long time. The palace was erected in the XIII century, when the Genoese Republic was at the peak of its heyday. The idea of ​​its construction arose after the purchase by the People’s Captains, who headed the republic, of several houses between San Lorenzo and San Matteo. In 1339, the first doge of the city, Simon Bokkanegra, settled in the building of the Palace, from which later the building got its name.

The building itself and the interior have been repeatedly modified. Among the famous architects who worked on the reconstruction Doge's Palacewere Andrea Cheresola, nicknamed Vannone and Giovanni Carlone. The chapel of the palace, located not far from the Doge’s personal office, never ceases to admire its beauty. The interior of the chapel is decorated with frescoes depicting the glorification of the Virgin Mary, the city and the Genoese themselves.

To be continued

Photo by AnDre | MA sight

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