How to get from Memmingen to Munich

The Russian low-cost airline Pobeda began flying to the German city of Memmingen. Therefore, it is worth considering travel options from Memmingen to Munich.

Flixbus Bus

By bus

Traveling with Flixbus is the most economical option. Buses depart from Memmingen Central Bus Station (Memmingen ZOB) to Munich Central Bus Station (München ZOB).

Tickets can be purchased from € 5.90 on the carrier’s website. Travel time - 1 h. 30 min.

From Memmingen Airport (Flughafen Memmingen) you can also get to Munich. To do this, take the Allgäu-Airport-Express shuttle bus.

One way ticket costs from € 15. You can buy it and see the schedule on the carrier’s website. Tickets purchased online will cost you significantly less, but you can buy them from the driver. Travel time 1h. 25 minutes

By train

München hauptbahnhof

From Memmingen Main Station to Munich (München Hbf), Eurocity, Regional-Express, Regional trains run every hour, both direct and with transfers. Find out the timetable on the German railways website.

A train ticket will cost from € 22. The duration of the trip is approximately 1 hour 34 minutes. It is better to buy a ticket on the Deutsche Ban website.

If you flew to Memmingen Airport, you need to catch a bus line 2 or 810 to the city. For a bus schedule from Allgäu Airport to Memmingen ZOB (Bahnhof), see here.

Tickets cost € 3. 10 min ride

Then continue the train journey from Memmingen Main Station.

By car

Rent a Car

The distance between Memmingen and Munich is about 110 km. In cars, you will overcome it in an hour or so.

Estimated fuel cost is € 16-22.

Look for a rental car here.

Book transfer to Munich "> Kiwitaxi.

Watch the video: This is Road Memmingen to Munich Germany ประเทศเยอรมน ป 58 (December 2019).


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