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Review of Taberna De 'Gracchi - delicious restaurant near the Vatican

Taberna De 'Gracchi Restaurant is just a 10-minute walk from the Vatican Museums. Yana and I found this place on the recommendation of friends, since we had been looking for a tasty restaurant for lunch in the Prati area for a long time. But in order to whet your appetite, let's plunge a little into history, because the name of the restaurant and the street already has so many interesting things!

Immediately pay attention to the name "TaBerna", it is through B - so in ancient Rome they called small, knocked-out boards, booths and houses, and later they began to call different shops, workshops, shops and taverns.

Today, in Italy, we use the word Taverna to mean a restaurant, although just a couple of centuries ago it was called a hotel or a roadside inn, usually consisting of a tavern on the first floor and rooms for rent on the second floor.

Our tabernacle was founded in 1961.

  • History reference: the Roman street Via dei Gracchi is named after the brothers Gracchi, Tiberius and Gaius, who served as stands in the late II century BC. They tried to pass legislation on land reform that would redistribute the main aristocratic land holdings among the urban poor and veterans. After achieving early success, both were killed by the enemies of these reforms.

And now, having read the appetite, we proceed to dinner:


The menu offers traditional dishes of Roman and Italian cuisine. The cost of first courses such as pasta and risotto 10-15 euros. Second courses - meat and seafood in the region of 14-20 euros.

Expect to spend about 30-40 euros for lunch for two, and for a generous dinner with antipasti, first, second, desserts and wine, you can safely make bills of 50-100 euros.

Also, like many other Roman restaurants, there is a special lunch menu. For a dish + side dish + water + a glass of wine you will pay 16-20 euros - this is enough to have lunch.


The interior of the restaurant is quite spacious for Rome. I liked that on every table there is a living rose. There is also a power outlet to charge your phone, discharged from thousands of photos. Special mention worthy of silver appliances.

Our lunch

For lunch, Yana ordered her favorite dish of spaghetti with clams and pesto sauce (Spaghetti alle vongole e pesto di basilico). She tries it in all restaurants and I can assure you that in our company of friends she is a recognized expert in this variety of spaghetti.

I decided to stop at a special lunch offer and chose Fettuccini with seafood (Fettuccine ai frutti di mare), a bruschetta with mozzarella and pumpkin flowers, as well as a glass of white wine. The choice was the right one and even the usual bruschetta turned out to be a discovery.

This is what our lunch looked like. It is worth noting fresh, freshly baked and tasty bread.

Account and conclusions

The bill for lunch was only 30 euros plus 2 euros I left “for coffee” to the waiter. It is worth canceling that the staff is very polite, not intrusive, but brings everything quickly. We will definitely come back here more than once, and if you follow my tip, please also share your impressions in the comments - this will be useful to all readers of the site who are planning their vacation in Rome.

Address and time

  • Official website of the restaurant:, see also their Instagram @tabernadegracchi
  • Working hours: from 12:30 to 15:00, from 18:00 to 23:00, Sunday is a day off
  • Address: Via dei Gracchi 266/268, Roma
  • Phone for reservations: +39 06 3213126

I wish you bon appetit and delicious dinners in Rome.


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