Castel Nuovo in Naples

Castel Nuovo Castle (New Castle, Castel Nuovo), built at the turn of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, is one of the most famous sights of Naples.

It is simply not possible to visit Naples and bypass the ancient castle of Karl of Anjou, which is picturesquely spread on the shores of the Gulf of Naples. Are there any other similar buildings that can compare with the harsh beauty of Castel Nuovo, created by architect Maschio Angioino?

The new residence of the king

Until the accession of Charles of Anjou to the royal throne, the main city of the Neapolitan state was Palermo, and in Naples there was only a small residence - Castel Capuano.

Having ascended the throne, Karl ordered the construction of a new residence for the monarch's family. So, in 1279, the first stones of the new castle were laid. The construction of Castel Nuovo lasted about three years, and upon completion, the newly-made monarch moved the capital to Naples. Thus, with the construction of Castel Nuovo, Naples fundamentally changed its political significance.

Historical secrets

During its existence, the royal residence has witnessed many political events that shook Naples. The new castle witnessed the rise of Pope Boniface VIII (Boniface VIII). The castle also stood in front of the two sieges of the King of Hungary, Lajos the Great. In 1805, he was captured by the Russian squadron.

Within the walls of Castel Nuovo, opponents of King Ferdinand I were preparing an insidious plot of barons, ending with the inglorious execution of all participants. Later Castel Nuovo was twice captured by the rebellious inhabitants of Naples. The forces of nature were also unable to destroy the walls. The earthquake of 1456, which destroyed almost the whole of Naples, did not cause even the smallest destruction to the castle.

During the Franco-Spanish War (1635-1659), the castle had to perform the functions of a fortress. Subsequently, the New Castle became the residence of Charles III - the Spanish monarch. At the beginning of the last XX century, the legendary New Castle of Naples received the status of a historical monument. In our time, the meetings of city councils were held within the walls of Castel Nuovo, the last of which took place in 2006.

How to get there

Located on the coast, Castel Nuovo is adjacent to the Royal Palace (Palazzo Reale di Napoli) and Piazza del Plebiscito, as well as to the marina Porto di Molo Beverello from which all ships leave for the islands of Ischia and Capri. You can get to the New Castle by bus, tram, metro or just walk 25 minutes from the train station.

Nearest stops

  • Piazza Municipio-maschio Angioino: buses 140, R1, R2;
  • Acton-molo Beverello: buses 140, 151, 154;
  • Universita ': metro line L1;
  • Colombo-porto: Trams 1 and 4.

The New Castle itself can only be reached via a drawbridge over a deep moat.

The visitor's eye opens a monumental medieval building, trapezoidal in shape. The main composition of Castel Nuovo consists of five cylindrical towers, each of which has its own name. The arched gallery, as well as the stone staircase, are direct evidence of its belonging to the Catalan Gothic architectural style.

A staircase leads to the infamous Baron Hall, which once served as the throne room and was the place for royal feasts. The decoration of the small chapel is a statue of Madonna Pilar so revered in this country. The Triumphal Arch, adorning the New Castle and erected on the occasion of the entry of Alfonso into Naples, enjoys special attention from visitors.

The chambers of the royal family, located in the northern part of the New Castle, are also among the first to be visited by tourists. In the southern part, the court nobles settled, and the western wing was at the disposal of the commandant. The Palatine Chapel (Cappella Palatina), as well as the frescoes in the museum dating back to the 16th century, silver collections and paintings are noteworthy.

Mode of operation

You should set aside all day for sightseeing, and the time of the New Castle’s work also has to do with it. The New Castle opens at 9 a.m. and ends at 7 p.m., but you can only get a ticket until 6 p.m. Its cost is 5 euros.

Attractions nearby

No less interesting to visit and attractions near the creation of King Charles. First of all, Castle del Ovo (Egg Castle, Castel dell'Ovo) and the Royal Palace are no less popular with tourists coming to Naples, as well as the Teatro di San Carlo Theater. The tour can be completed by an evening walk in the Plebiscite Square.

Watch the video: Travel Naples, Italy - Castel Nuovo (February 2020).


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