Tivoli Flea Market

If you are tired of traditional shopping in Roman outlets or luxury boutiques in Milan and want to plunge into the atmosphere of a small Italian town, then I recommend that you go on a short trip south from Rome to the city of Tivoli.

The Tivoli flea market runs on Wednesdays and is a smaller copy of the Porte Portezee Sunday flea market.

If for some reason you didn’t get to Rome on Sunday and plan a trip to Tivoli during your stay in Italy, then Wednesday is the perfect day for you. The road will take about an hour, detailed instructions for use with various options are described in the article "How to get from Rome to Tivoli for 2.6 euros."

In addition to the market, of course, it's worth a look at the most beautiful villas of D'Este, Adrian and Gregorian, which I recently told you about.

So, we successfully reached the central station and with the main stream of passengers moved to the left in the central part of the city. The first thing you see is the Anio River. As you can see, it’s quite muddy.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the weather, because all travelers, especially travelers, are so worried about it. As you can see, in mid-October weather in this part of Italy it’s wonderful and the thermometer column storms the +25 degree mark.

In order to get into the city you need to cross the suspension pedestrian bridge.

And immediately on the left side we see a heap of tents - this is the Tivolsky flea market.

On this trip, we went in the company of the legendary Roman violinist from Piazza Navona and my friend Maxim Blakhov. As you can see, visiting flea markets for Max is always a celebration. Have you already guessed that he didn’t come here for shopping?

And while we take a walk. In general, the market is a pile of hundreds of tents and is located on the largest square of the city of Piazzale Giuseppe Impastato.

View Tivoli landmarks in a larger map

Most of the sellers are from Bangladesh.

Well, have you gone for rags in OUTLET?

Here you can take a bag of any of the most famous brand no more than ten euros. Michael Kors, Burberry, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, please.

Tights for three euros - take more get a discount!

More expensive and tempting options will pull five euros, you can even find a cool body for ten and a mysterious mask in addition.

And for such a depraved outfit of a Roman prostitute will have to pay 20 euros.

It looks like a tent of underwear and women's accessories from the side.

We continue our walk.

In general, the average price of things is around 5 euros.

For 30 euros, for example, you can find a luxurious coat or jacket.

It’s full of all the little things in euros apiece.

Designers and lovers of original details, this market will seem like a paradise.

Beads of any color and length.

There are also items for home and cars.

Cosmetics of all world brands.

And you must admit, it would not be the Italian market, if it were impossible to buy food here. Each seller in his own way attracts buyers. Someone screams and calls, and the wiser put a photograph on the counter that attracts attention. Still, friends, art is a great force and engine of commerce.

Fresh fish prices range from 4-20 euros per kilo. Of course, this is not a fish market in Sicily, which we visited with you in November, but it’s real to buy an octopus.

Absolutely all grocery stores have queues.

Prices for good meat in the region of 20 euros per kilogram.

If you don’t have enough money for meat or just want something exotic, there are chestnuts at 5 euros per kilo. If you fry such chestnuts and purchase a burner, you can already sell them in Rome for 50 euros. Do not forget who gave you an idea for a business. True, keep in mind that in the beginning, in order to conquer the market, you have to defeat the Bangladeshi diaspora.

Italian cheese does not need advertising. It costs in the market one and a half times cheaper than in a supermarket.

In fact, their guys in Bangladesh have a lot to learn. Despite the blue sky, they are always on the alert and are glad, at the first hints of drops from the sky, to sell you a mega umbrella for a dozen. Arrive in Rome understand.

And so, ignoring billboards with inscriptions “All for one euro” we hear a beautiful melody.

It is very important to strategically choose a venue for the speech, it is desirable that this is a crossroads.

Max’s repertoire consists mainly of classical pieces, many of which he plays in a modern way with musical accompaniment. The tandem iPhone speaker accompanies him well.

Watching the people who thanked People's Artist of Italy with coins I noticed that these were mostly seniors in their age. Still, the older generation respects art.

And Max, meanwhile, was warming up ...

In fact, the work of a musician is far from the easiest in the world. In addition to education, talent and hard work, you also need to carry tools and stand in the heat when, even in October, the sun is 25. For an hour and a half, Max’s fee was about 20 euros. We live one day.

Then we went for a walk along Tivoli, yet the market is very important, but only a small part of its atmosphere.

Watch the video: REVIEW - Louis Vuitton Tivoli GM (December 2019).


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