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Prices in Milan or how much money to take in Milan

How much money to take with you to Milan to see all the most important things and not to go broke. In this article, BlogoItaliano examined in detail the prices in Milan for all the basic elements of a trip - hotels, transportation, food and entertainment, which will help you better plan your budget and learn useful nuances in order to save without losing your impressions.

As a rule, the lion's share of the budget on travel is spent on paying for a hotel, therefore, when calculating how much money to bring with you to Milan, the first thing we will pay attention to is housing.


Milan is the economic center of Italy, and prices here correspond to status. In the high season (July, August) a room in a good three-star hotel in the city center will cost about 80-120 euros. In 4 * hotels they ask for an average of 120-180 euros per night. If you prefer a 5-star service, the minimum price tag is 300 euros.

Room prices decrease markedly as you move away from the Duomo, so for budget travelers it may be significantly more profitable to settle outside the city center.

The cost of hotel rooms decreases as you move away from the Duomo

In the colder months, when the tourist flow is minimal, hotels often offer rooms with very good discounts. The benefit can be 30% or more.

However, hotel loading can vary greatly even in the most peak months, and therefore sales of rooms in Milan are not uncommon.

Below you will find a form with up-to-date information on current discounts for hotels in Milan, where you can save money while visiting the city.

Another useful page that few travelers know about is a special selection of discounts in the most visited cities in the world, and Milan is on this list. You can see the "secret" collection on this page.

Apartments and private housing

Private accommodation can be a good alternative to the hotel. The easiest way to look for such options is through the most popular private rental website in the world - Airbnb.

For example, instead of a hotel, you can rent excellent apartments directly opposite the Duomo Cathedral for 130-160 euros! In general, the cost of one night in a good location of the center is 100-150 euros.

Prices, however, are quite flexible. I have repeatedly managed to rent good apartments in Milan at the very peak of the season for about 60 Euro per day. Sometimes exotic options came across, and about one of them even recorded a separate video.

By the way, it is not necessary to rent entire apartments. Some hosts offer a private room or shared room with other guests. The latter can be found for 20-30 euros per person.

There are some nuances. Airbnb is more convenient when renting for a period of 3 days and less profitable for short periods. The fact is that usually a cleaning fee is also added to the total. It is one-time, but if you need to stay for 1-2 days, it can be tangible. In addition, many owners offer separate discounts for reservations for a period of one week.

Private accommodation can be a good alternative to the hotel.

If you have never used Airbnb before, when registering in the system, you can get a coupon of 10-30 Euro for your first booking using this link. Receiving a coupon does not oblige you to use it immediately. You can save it for the future and apply in one of the following trips.

You can read more about Airbnb, impressions and reviews in this article.

Supermarket Prices

Speaking about how much money to take with you to Milan, it is worth mentioning separately about food prices.

Prices in Milan supermarkets are not much different from the national average

Milan is not the cheapest city in Italy, but supermarket prices are not much different from the national average. To make it easier to navigate, we give examples:

  • Bottle of water 1.5 l - 0.50-1 euro
  • Bread - 1-1.5 euros
  • Milk - from 1 euro / liter
  • Pasta packaging - 1-6 euros
  • Tomatoes - 2-3 euro / kg
  • Apples - about 2 Euro / kg
  • Cheeses - from 10 euro / kg
  • Chicken - from 7 euro / kg
  • A dozen eggs - 2-2.5 euros
  • A bottle of good wine - from 5 euros
  • Beer 0.5 - from 0.60 euro local and about 1.5-2 euro Belgian, Czech, German

Once, while in Rome, BlogoItaliano recorded a separate price video after going to the supermarket. And, although Rome is not Milan, it will help you better navigate what to expect.

Prices in restaurants and cafes

In Milan, there are a lot of establishments in various price categories: there are more budget places and expensive gourmet restaurants.

Dinner with wine in a good mid-range restaurant will cost 50-100 euros for two. If you go into some kind of family trattoria or osteria, you can meet 20-40 euros.

A piece of pizza in a local pizzeria costs 2-3 euros, pizza entirely - 7-15 euros.

There are many establishments in Milan in various price categories.

From 18:00 in Milan begins the time of the aperitif: in many institutions, a glass of wine or a cocktail for 5-15 euros comes with free snacks. Often, the portions and assortment of these snacks are such that they can completely replace the dinner.

Well, and let's not forget about the national drink of Italy - coffee. A cup of espresso in an inexpensive eatery costs from 1-1.5 euros. Some delicious dessert will cost 3-4 euros.

As elsewhere in Italy, if you sit at a table, the bill includes a service charge. Usually it is 1-2 euros per person. Therefore, coffee at the counter is often cheaper.

Public transport

Milan is a large metropolis and the transportation network is very extensive. You can travel around the city by bus, tram, trolleybus and metro.

A single ticket for all modes of transport is the same and costs 1.5 euros. He gives the right within 90 minutes to make an unlimited number of transfers on any type of transport. The exception is the metro. On it with such a ticket you can drive only 1 time. Remember that the ticket must be composted.

A single ticket for all modes of transport is a single one and costs 1.5 euros

In general, fares for Milan transport are very diverse. For example, if you plan to travel around the city a lot during the day, it’s more reasonable to buy a daily “travel card” for 4.5 euros or for 2 days for 8.25 euros.

There is a ticket for 10 trips, its price is 13.80 euros.

Those who come to Milan for a long time can buy a ticket for a week, such costs 16.75 euros. True, they are sold only at the offices of the ATM company, which manages urban transport.

If you issue a special city card (10 euros), then a weekly pass will cost less - 11.75 euros. This card is valid for 4 years - relevant for those who often visit the capital of Lombardy. This card can be issued at ATM offices.

For tourists there is a special MilanoCard card, which, in addition to discounts in museums, will also provide you with free transport, including metro. Such a card for 72 hours will cost 19 Euros. You can find out all the details about it and purchase it online on this page.

Tickets for travel can be bought in vending machines at the entrance to the subway

Children under 5 years old in Milan do not have to pay. Of course, if the accompanying adult paid for the ticket.

Children 6-10 years old can also travel for free, but only no more than 2 people with one accompanying person. Note that you must have a document with you confirming the age of the child. Otherwise, benefits will not work.

And finally: for a stowaway, the controller will write a fine of 100 euros, so relying on luck and trying to drive the rabbit is not a good idea.

More details about transport in Milan can be found in our special articles:

  • Public transportation in Milan
  • Metro in Milan: map, tickets, opening hours

Transport from airports

Milan is served by 3 main airports: Malpensa, Linate and Bergamo, and therefore we will deal with each of them separately.


You can get from Malpensa Airport to Milan by bus, train or taxi.

The cheapest way is to take a bus. The airport is connected to the city by regular routes of the famous European low-cost airline Terravision.

The airport is connected to the city by the regular routes of the Terravision low-cost airline

One way ticket costs 8 euros, round trip - 14 euros. For children from 5 to 12 years old, a special tariff applies: 5 euros one way and 10 euros round trip. Toddlers under 5 travel free.

It is better to buy a ticket in advance - online, because they may well not be in place. For how to do this, see the detailed video instruction below.

A useful link to the Terravision website for those who do not want to overpay for transport from Malpensa Airport to Milan.

If you prefer a train to a bus, prepare 13 euros for an adult one-way ticket. A child ticket is exactly half the price - 6.5 euros if the child is 4 to 14 years old. Children under 4 years old do not need to buy a ticket. There is also a special family rate: 33 euros for 2 adults and 2 children.

Through the Internet there is an opportunity to buy a round-trip ticket, it will cost 20 euros for an adult and 10 euros for a child.

And finally, a taxi. Officially, the tariff is fixed and amounts to 90 euros, but in practice, drivers often ignore this rule and take it over the counter. In this case, the price of the trip will depend on where exactly your hotel is located in the city and often passes for 100 Euros.

For this reason, many travelers prefer to book a transfer via the Internet in specialized companies. It is not only more convenient, but also cheaper. You can calculate the current fare from Malpensa airport to the center and book a car online on this page.


From Linate Airport you can get to Milan in two ways: by bus or taxi.

A bus ticket costs 1.5 euros. The route goes to the San Babila metro station, which is located in the city center. A trip to the railway station costs 5 euros. You can immediately take a round-trip ticket for 9 euros.

Taxi prices from Linate to Milan start at 42 euros. The final cost will depend on the travel distance.

More details about all transport options from Linate Airport can be found in this article.


From public transport to Milan, only buses go. Ticket prices vary depending on the carrier, but generally do not exceed 10 euros. For example, a Terravision one-way ticket costs 5 euros, a round-trip ticket costs 9 euros.

Alternatively, you can first get to the train station of Bergamo for 2.3 euros, and then from there by train to Milan for 5.5 euros. But this method is much less convenient.

Taxi fare from Bergamo Airport to Milan

Taxis from Bergamo to Milan will cost around 90-100 euros. You can check the current fare and book a car for your arrival on this page.

BlogoItaliano wrote more about transport from Bergamo Airport to Milan here.


Taxi in Milan is paid by the meter. A kilometer of the way costs 1.8 euros, but it is worth considering that from 9 pm to 6 am there is an increased night rate. In addition to mileage, a landing fee is also charged: 3.3 euros during the day, 6.5 euros at night and 5.4 euros at weekends.

For an hour of downtime, you will have to pay 27.76 euros.

You do not need to pay for baggage, but only if it is placed in the trunk of a car. Each extra bed will cost 1 euro.

Rent a Car

Renting a car in Milan will not hit your pocket much. In the low season, if you take an economical car for a period of 7 days, a day may well cost from 10 euros. The car is more impressive will cost 15-20 euros. Of course, during peak periods the price will be higher.

In order not to overpay for a rental, it is better to select a car through a specialized service for comparing car rental prices. A system that compares simultaneously the conditions of all major rental offices will allow you to find the most favorable conditions in a few clicks.

The largest such service in Europe is Rentalcars. You can ask the current cost of a car on the dates of your trip on this page.

The rental price automatically adds the cost of gasoline, as well as travel on toll roads, of which there are several in the suburbs of Milan. You can check the current gas prices in Italy here.

As for toll roads, we advise you to check if there are any on the route before the trip. The price per kilometer is usually around 7 cents.

Finally, when renting a car in Italy, you need to consider insurance costs. Typically, the basic rate includes the simplest insurance coverage required by law.

In this case, the client is frozen the amount on the card equal to the deductible. It may well be 500-1000 Euros and higher for a week of rental. To avoid a franchise, you have to buy a full CASCO, the price of which can be comparable with the cost of the entire rental.

If you have never taken a car abroad before, we recommend that you watch the video below. It was recorded in Greece, but is 90% suitable for Italy.

Check car rental prices ›››

Tours and tickets for attractions

When planning how much money to take to Milan, one cannot ignore tickets to attractions and excursions.

The easiest way to get to know the city is with an individual guide. The price of a sightseeing walk in Milan is from 120 euros. The usual duration of such an excursion is 2-3 hours. See the description of the most popular excursions in Milan in Russian in this article.

You can also always write to Oksana, an individual guide in Milan, with whom BlogoItaliano has been friends for many years, and to specify prices, programs and free dates directly with her. Oksana's email - email protected. The history of our acquaintance and reviews about it can be read here.

If you come alone, then a more economical way to get to know the city is to go on a group tour. In this case, participation will cost about 30-40 Euro per person. You can get acquainted with the indicative programs and prices of such excursions on this site.

And finally, the most budgetary solution for exploring the city is the Milan Milan audio guide for the iPhone. This is a ready-made audio tour of 60 points in the historical center of the city, which will allow you to cover all the most important in your own rhythm.

It looks like an audio guide in the center of Milan on the iPhone screen

All points of the audio excursion are plotted on a convenient map and numbered in the sequence of how to best pass them. Built-in GPS allows you to easily track your position and find the way to the nearest objects, and the audio guide itself works even without the Internet, without spending mobile traffic in roaming.

You can try the application for free: in the trial version immediately after downloading, 5 out of 60 excursion points will be available, and the full version will cost a little more than 5 Euros. You can download the application on your iPhone on this page.

Tickets to museums, cathedrals and other attractions vary from 2 euros and above. In places that are especially popular with tourists, it is better to buy tickets in advance online. You can do this on the dedicated Getyourguide website.

We especially recommend that you take care of visiting the frescoes of Leonardo da Vinci Last Supper in advance. Inspection of the fresco is considered the most inaccessible attraction in Italy, and entrance tickets can be difficult to find even a few months before the date of the visit.

About how, nevertheless, to see the fresco, read in our article 5 ways to buy tickets for the Last Supper in Milan.

The best way to get to know the city is to take a tour.

Finally, you can save a ton of time and money while visiting Milan by using the BlogoItaliano Milan Route for 1 day. This is a ready-made plan for a full day, where there is all the most important thing to take from a short visit to the city to the maximum. You can read more about the route around Milan and other popular cities in Italy on this page.

We hope that this detailed article on prices in Milan has helped you better plan your budget and get an idea of ​​how much money to take with you. Be sure to keep it on your social network, because many of these tips and links will come in handy more than once.

We also recommend that you sign up for a free BlogoItaliano e-mail course for travelers to Italy, because you will find many valuable ideas and tips on how to better organize your time on a trip to see as much as possible.

Watch the video: Cost of living in Milan Italy (February 2020).


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