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Venice climate and weather for months

The climate and weather in Venice are determined primarily by its geographical location. Because Venice is a southern city, summers are long and hot, and winters, although mild, are rainy and foggy. Flooding in Venice is a common thing; neither summer nor winter has long been without them. But frost and snowfall are very rare here.

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Weather in Venice in January

Although January in Venice is considered the coldest month of the year, frost and snow are quite rare. The thermometer column rarely drops below zero, and the average monthly temperature in Venice in January, with rare exceptions, remains at + 2 + 6C.

Location on the archipelago of islands is the factor that determines dampness and frequent fogs in January Venice. And even if the thermometer shows + 8 + 12C, due to high humidity and wind, you simply do not feel this.

An increase in water level of 1-1.5 meters in January is also common. Therefore, when going on vacation, you should take care in advance of the presence of rubber boots in the wardrobe.

Dense fogs are a common occurrence in winter Venice

Weather in February

Although the average monthly temperature in Venice in February is +8 C, the weather in the first half of the month is not much different from January - the same windy and damp. But the second half of February often pleases with the sun and warmth, and on the streets of the city one can already feel the imminent approach of spring.

Despite the unstable weather, no northerly wind is able to stop tourists annually coming to the city on the water to see one of Italy's most striking holidays - the Venice Carnival.

Weather in March

Compared to the winter months, March in Venice is less cloudy and rainy. The winds, still strong and gusty at the beginning of the month, gradually subside towards its end, giving way to the sun and heat. The average monthly temperature in March rises to + 12С. And although the thermometer column can reach even + 20С during the day, nights still remain cold - + 2 + 3 С.

In March, a rise in the water level is also possible, so rubber boots and an umbrella in your luggage will not hurt.

Weather in April

April in Venice is one of the most pleasant months of the year. The weather is clear and cloudy with occasional rainfall, and there is no trace of winter slush, floods and winds. The average monthly temperature is about +16 C, but the thermometer column can often rise to +22 C.

April weather is ideal for traveling: there is no sweltering heat, water doesn’t “bloom” in the canals, but trees in the city’s numerous gardens turn green.

The weather in Venice in April is ideal for traveling

Weather in May

In recent years, the weather in Venice in May has become more and more like summer, and the thermometer sometimes rises to August marks. The average monthly temperature is +21 C, but there can also be extremes from +12 C to +26 C. Therefore, when going on the road, do not forget about a sweater so as not to depend on weather surprises.

Weather in June

Very favorable for travel. Clean air, comfortable sea temperature and a fairly low probability of flooding. The average monthly temperature is +25 C, but the temperature range of this month is quite wide: from +18 to + 28C.

The weather in Venice in June is moody: often clear and cloudy can instantly be replaced by rainy and cloudy. As a rule, such changes do not last long, and after the warm thunderstorm, the sun peeks out from behind the clouds.

Weather in July

July is one of the hottest months of the year with an average monthly temperature of about +28 C. However, despite the high humidity, hot weather is tolerated quite easily, thanks to the constant sea breeze and thunderstorms, which are quite common in this summer month.

However, the weather in Venice in July is not the biggest problem: the influx of tourists can be much more annoying, because July is also the peak of the holiday season.

Weather in August

Last years August in Venice is getting hotter. And, although the average monthly temperature is considered to be +27 C, the thermometer rises more and more to +40 C. Hot weather, combined with high humidity and frequent heavy rains, can even make you think about the feasibility of walking around the city and sightseeing.

Only by the end of the month, with a gradual decrease in temperature and the approach of autumn, you can already breathe a sigh of relief. However, when planning your trip to this romantic city in August, keep in mind that year after year is not necessary.

Venice is hot and humid in summer

Weather in September

For tourists, September is truly a "velvet season", which is especially true for the first half of the month. Temperature peaks and sweltering heat are in the past: the average monthly temperature is comfortable +19 C. And if during the day, as a rule, it is still warm - + 24 + 26 ° C - but the nights are already noticeably cool.

September is a wonderful time for lovers of walking and sightseeing, especially since the flow of tourists by this time is significantly reduced.

The second half of the month is characterized by a slight decrease in temperature to + 20C and short thunderstorms. Autumn is slowly starting to remind of itself.

Weather in October

Thanks to the warm Mediterranean winds in early October, the "velvet season" in Venice continues: the temperature rarely drops below +20 C, and the sea still allows you to swim.

The weather in the second half of October often makes you forget about beach accessories, but is perfect for walking around the city and trips to the islands.

In general, the October weather is clear and cloudy, the amount of precipitation is small, and the average monthly temperature is about +14 C.

Neither summer nor winter can do without floods in Venice

Weather in November

Almost until the beginning of December, quite warm weather remains in Venice. And although the average monthly temperature in November is about +8 C, in the afternoon, as a rule, it is much warmer.

In fact, November is considered the wettest month of the year. Sometimes the rains do not stop for several days, but the dry and sunny weather established after them often lasts more than a week.

It happens that due to heavy rains the water level rises significantly, making movement around the city possible only by boat. However, you must admit that such a turn of events will only add even more charm to a romantic trip.

Weather in December

The weather in Venice in December is usually cool, humid and foggy. The thermometer column varies between +5 +12 C. The rare sun and frequent rains do not particularly contribute to walks, so there are very few tourists at this time of year.

Often the streets and squares of the city are flooded with water rising in the canals, which creates additional problems. However, it was precisely in December that no one would stop you from enjoying the beautiful, albeit slightly gloomy, views of the palazzo, churches and buildings, unless, of course, a dense veil of fog covers them.

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